Week 11 – A2 – Blog Task

Work This Year

1.  My best worked produced would likely be that of the first module, this was the Mihimihi. I would define this as an introduction to yourself to others, in the sense of the studio I expressed this through my building.

2. The work I produced in my final specifically was a building which represented a passion and memorial of great times I had. It was a representative of the water which I have spent multitude amount of time amongst, especially with my father and family. Because of this it has shaped who I am as a person, and could qualify as an introduction to myself.

3. In terms of the consideration into gender, there wasn’t a large focus; this is because when introducing myself I did not find the need to specify or express my gender. I was not held to a gender specific piece of information I was wanting to share with people, I did not find that needed. Once again similar with the indigeneity, I did not specify any form of bias towards my race nor specified what I consider my race to be. However my consideration and/or concern now looking back is if I did focus and bit more about myself would it have resulted in me specifying myself as a New Zealander. Although I was born in England, I came to New Zealand when I was 4 created an identity from being raised here.

Works Cited

Mikaere, Ani. (1994). Māori Women – Caught in the contradictions of a colonised reality.


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