Week 10 – A2 – Blog Task

1. Creative Non – Fiction piece of my Cultural Identity

A place to be called Preserved

Although I was born in England, I believe myself as a New Zealander, a man of Aotearoa. Therefore I am must look after my Tangata Whenua, putting in conscious efforts into looking after the country I call home. My Father owns land in the realm of the North Island known as Buckland, familiarised by many as Pukekohe, and Localised by most as 1 hour south of Auckland. Part of this land has native bush, a rarity amongst the farming land of Buckland and Pukekohe. A conscious effort, starting from the council and continued by my Father and less significantly I, to preserve this native forest in order to create a conservation for Native plants and animals to live. In this developing world, the effort to preserve Native forest, and maintain ecosystems for animals and plants I believe is crucial, for without these efforts, small or big, shall be substantial in the future. Whether its a small patch of native forest in the land of my father or the Native Forest and the Rise of Preservation in New Zealand (1903 – 1913) it will always be beneficial to the place I call home.

Story based on Act of Preservation of Native Forest in New Zealand.

Works Cited:

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