Week 9 – A2 – Blog Task

1. The Steps of Powhiri



2. Stereotyping Maori – Stereotyping in general.

A stereotype mentioned in Dick’s lecture was the idea of a Maori being a natural athlete. This stereotype derived from the colonial stereotype of the ‘other’ or being a ‘savage’. This was caused due to their being a idea around the ‘Black other’ being considered masculine image of the primitive, savage warrior/cannibal. They became a ‘military threat’ because of this stereotype. This ties down to the Maori being a natural athlete, due to this idea of ‘Black’ relates to masculinity. The problem with stereotyping, whether it could be seen as a positive it ideally restricts someones individuality, but almost giving guidelines. When someone is given a positive stereotype because of race, they may feel the need to achieve this and if they do not; they are considered lesser, or consider them self lesser.

I have been thinking about the idea of stereotyping, and correct me if I am wrong but through saying the colonial people were stereotyping Maori people, doesn’t that stereotype and generalise all the ‘colonial’ people as those of ill intent that stereotyped races, surely not all of them were of ill intent and were people who stereotyped. But by us stereotyping them doesn’t that make us also people who stereotype. How does one get around this idea?


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