Week 8 – A2 – Blog Task

Image on Poverty

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 5.29.03 PM.png

Child Poverty. Childpovert.co.nz N.D. Web. 27/09/2016.

An image used in Greg’s lecture was a poster advertisement expressing the poverty of children in New Zealand. Although at first sight one would not deem this poster derogatory, however small insignificant details show stereotypes which are racially focused. A strong example of this is the mat, which has a resemblance to Maori and Polynesian culture. This therefore is stereotyping Maori and Polynesian family’s to be a main or huge cause which is very racially derogatory. The need to specifically seek out a race, generalises and detract from an entire race.

Event timeline:

Significant events in nz.jpg

Works Cited

Hunt, Bayly. J. Significant Events in New Zealand History. 2016. digital. Bayly Hunt, Wellington, New Zealand.


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