Week 7 – A2 – Task



  1. The most significant point I found curious was the deliberate focus on Polynesians and not of other races. Sarah Jane in my tutorial also brought to my attention that no English people were exported during the Dawn raids. This and the fact that I know little to no information on this dark history.

2. The National party during the ‘Dawn Raids’ depicted the problems that caused the unemployment rates, were the large number of immigrants, and the horrors of it. There was a explicit call out of Polynesian looking character as it quoted “especially those who came from other places expecting great things.”(National Party Advert). A deliberate focus and call out to Polynesians being a cause or the of lack of jobs.

3. ‘Dawn Raids’ was about exportation’s of Polynesians during the mid 70’s due to new immigration implementations and laws.Polynesians were getting unjustly discriminated against and exported – being dominantly blamed for employment issues. They were being unlawfully treated and kicked out of their homes through masses of raids.


Works Cited

Paul Spoonley, ‘Ethnic and religious intolerance – Intolerance towards Pacific migrants’, Te Ara – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, http://www.TeAra.govt.nz/en/video/28182/national-party-advertisement


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