Week 3 – Blog Task

Te Puawaitanga – the flowering

Hei tiki (pendant in human form)

A tiki is apart of Maori mythology refering to the first man created by Tumatauenga or Tane who were Gods. Tiki found the first female. Therefore tiki is a very respected and historic piece of Maori culture (T.R. Hiroa, 1949). The Hei tiki piece seen above was owned by a man named Tamihana Te Rauparaha, son of Ngati Toa leader Rauparaha. Tamihana converted to Christianity in his life and is known to many for his actions, bringing peace in two separate situations. In 1845 there was a dispute between the settlers and Maori in Hutt Valley over who owned the land. Tamihana was sent by his father to peacefully send away the Maori people and was successful. Furthermore in 1946 Te Rauparaha was arrested. Tamihana dissuaded the Ngati Raukawa people from joining with Te Rangihaeata to take revenge. This historic piece of Maori art and culture, creates a memory for its people in order to respect the peace Tamihana created. The Hei tiki now has been mass produced and disrepected. This example shows you why more respect needs to be surrounded around Hei tiki.(Te papa, 2008).


Works Cited:

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