Assignment 3 – Final (Draft)

My Final Project

Living in New Zealand only part of my life I and being surrounded by foreign people I have come to appreciate beauty and wonder that comes from our native birds. In particular the Tui, I have always loved to see a one fly by or being singing in a tree nearby. To imagine one day I was no longer able to see a Tui flying or hear one singing is horrible. To see how many species of New Zealand birds are considered endangered is almost unbelievable. This is why I chose this topic, because I believe these small creatures are something I associate so strongly with New Zealand.

My main artist I was inspiring from was Andreas Lie, although his work differs quite considerably from mine, I found his harmony between nature and the digital style was very well executed. This is what I wanted to portray in my work, I tried to depict a poster which had harmony with the bird, which in order created a neutral style. In my research I also found the organisation “Make NZ predator free” which aim was to extinguish the predators that were introduced into New Zealand by humans. This would likely result in the increase in numbers of the endangered species of birds. I based my ideas around this organisation.

My final poster, contains a Chatham Island Tui, which is endangered, I decided to use this in my final due to its fame, familiarity and personal connection I have with the Tui. I want the viewer to be able to relate to the poster so it affects them personally and hopefully gets them to act. I wanted to create a grunge style to my poster to create a natural look, which I believe creates a more passive feeling. I used the green to imply the green country New Zealand is associated with, and continuing the passive theme. I found online a list of all the species of birds in New Zealand that are endangered. I found how long the list was quite startling and thought this would be a good idea to interpret into my work.

Mirzoeff’s ideas on ‘visual activism’ and ‘visual thinking’ I believe were to be able to contextualise the world around you and determine opinions of them wrong or right. To then take those you believe wrong and try put your foot down and through our forte as designers act upon these problems through visual texts.


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