Assignment 3 – Blog Task 3

For my topic, I have found it hard to find artists who are focusing on the same topic as myself. I have found many artist focusing on animal rights and deforestation, but none that focus on the introduction of predators resulting in the endangerment of species. Therefore I have had to divide my research into to categories; research of the actual project, and design research to what I want my poster to be.

After starting with Andreas Lie as my artist I would try gain ideas off, I went on a bit of tangent in my work. My work itself differs quite considerably from his work in my concepts.

Here are my first concepts:

Poster Concept 1

In this concept I use a Kea as my  main image. Trying to create a simplistic style to it I went for a Sans serif font and made the font very small to lose focus. The four red bars are a symbolic gesture of the introduced mammals which are restricting the destroying the numbers of birds of species like the Kea. I interpreted the very own ‘New Zealand Green’ slogan to create a personal attachment to the poster, as New Zealanders are very proud to be called and ‘green’ country.

Poster Concept 2

In this concept I used the Takahe as my main image another species of endangered native bird in New Zealand which has less than 200 individuals remaining. Having well known birds is I believe important in my project because I want the audience to be able to relate to the poster. The tear drops is depicting the sadness of the loss of our native birds.Poster Concept 3

This concept was very simplistic, possibly too simplistic and therefore can be improved in my final concepts. I wanted to use the Tui because the fame behind the bird and also the natural beauty that the bird holds. I placed the bird on the right side of the poster so that it is going from right to left, which creates a feeling of wrongness due our minds reading from left to right. Symbolising we are going in the wrong direction in terms of protecting our native birds.

Key Terms Defined:

agency: The means of being in action. (Harcourt, Mifflin. 2009)

citizenship: The character of a member of society viewed by their contribution to their society. (Random House Dictionary. 2016)

social responsibility: Defined by the society itself it is what is deemed important for you as a member of the society your required contribution to your community.

transformative practices: It is the improvement of self set out by yourself and possibly others in order to improve. It is not something done easily, you must break habit first.


Works Cited:

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