Assignment 3 – Blog Task 2

For this topic I have decided to use the medium of design, I will be creating a poster to create awareness of the endangered species of birds created by predators.

I have researched a designer/artist named Andreas Lie, his design style and interpretation of animals has a resemblance as to what I want to do for my topic. His work doesn’t necessarily focus on the problems I am trying to face therefore he will be exclusively an artist model.


Lie, Andreas The Arctic. 2015. Photography, Design. Andreas Lie.



I have also researched an organisation within New Zealand called, ‘Predator free NZ’ which considerably focus on the topic I have chosen; stopping predators (that have been introduced to New Zealand) killing Native animals, and/or out competing them and therefore oppressing them resulting in endangerment of species. I believe this organisation will be where I will be basing most of my ideas from.


Evidently the result of these native birds going extinct is going to result in a New Zealand in which we cannot call what is was, as the decrease numbers of native birds drops dramatically while the introduced predators increase. For example the Kakapo in which use to range from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island has now became the rarest parrot in world due to the introduction of Stoats which have been killing the Kakapos’. There were 86 recorded Kakapo’s left in the world. (Morris, R. 2008)

Key Term Definitions:

visual activism:  It is defined under the lines of impeding, promoting of direct public issues, i.e. social, environmental, political etc through visual texts. (Elephant Journal. 2015.) 

change agents: This is the person whom from outside or inside the organisation who organises the effectiveness, improvement and development. (Couros, George. 2006)

cultural critics:  A cultural critic is a reviewer of a specific part of a culture.

protest: This is the disagreement of something in which is taken publicly to criticize and try to change.

resistance: This is where someone or something has friction against what they/it are getting told to be.


Works Cited:

Couros, George. “5 Characteristics of a Change Agent.”. 13-01-2006.

“Inspired Voices: 5 Unconventional forms of Activism.”. Elephant Journal. Retrieved 2015-12-09.

Morris, R., & Ballance, A. (2008). Rare wildlife of New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand: Random House.


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