The Topic I have decided to focus on is the endangerment of the native birds of New Zealand. Created by the introduction of mammals into exclusively bird dominated environment. This sudden introduction created a large amount of pressure on these birds as they were not adapted to survive against and/or in competition with these mammals. This has resulted in the oppression of native birds in New Zealand; national icons like the Kiwi have pushed to the boundaries of extinction. To call ourselves a green country and yet remain to not put a stop to this growing problem is but a lie. In this topic I wish to create awareness for this problem through a designed image.

Mirzoeff writes in his book about the ideas of being aware to the problems of the world, and act on the ones you deem worth fighting for. I believe he is trying to explain the idea of knowledge and to not be naïve to the problems around us.

In the video below Dr Graeme Elliott of the Department of Conservation speaks of effects the pests have had on the native birds and how it is possible to control these pests in order to save the ever so dying populations of native birds.



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