Week 6 Task 4

The video I chose Yinka Shonibare, Nelsons Ship in a Bottle.  The video focuses on Shonibare talking about his work, and what he wants from people to see. He says ‘I want people to enter a different world,’ when he creates something he wants people to be in a fantasy, to him that is what his art is about. The question raised to me is about how slavery and  wars that have occurred in Africa due the colonies of other countries. It dawned me for the first time, that this could be another piece to talk about in my essay. It relates to Mirzoeff in the retrospect of land and borders but can be widened off with the context of slavery in land. Could allow me to talk about the movement in the U.S to free slavery. The way Shonibare talks about his work is quite inspiring in his diligence towards his ancestory and his passion as an artist. His efforts into his work are quite extraordinary as he shows the level of depth through the video.


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