Week 5 – Task 4

VIETNAMESE PROPAGANDA POSTER ART ( vietnam war / peace / anti war poster ):

This image was created during the Vietnam War against the USA, and was a anti-war propaganda poster. It depicts an arm of the US with a bomb in hand being held down by another hand, as well as a hand situated to the top of the page holding a dove. Signifying peace not war, telling specifically the U.S to stop the war in Vietnam. The colour scheme is limited to a red and orange, with black and white. I believe the red and orange signifies the napalm bombs that came from the U.S like the bomb held in the hand. This imagery depicts the destruction brought by this war. The dove itself is a symbolic gesture of peace and therefore creates a uniformed image of; ‘peace not war’ and aims specifically at U.S. Mirzoeff comes into this image through his explanation of wars created through land and opinions, the loss of life for land and the effect it has on many people who encounter it.


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