A2 Component B My Best Blog Posts 2016

My best post in my opinion I believe are below:



Wk 6 Reflection on Learning

For me the most interesting part of the paper has possibly been the chapter World of War, it really widened my horizons in terms of maps and the fight for borders. I enjoyed the image analysis the most, as I found it easier to write about. I have the work load to be a struggle especially when tying it in with other work, it is also hard when once you have finished one weeks task you get made to do the next ones almost right away. Understanding the different forms of essay writing has been quite interesting however I don’t find this freedom of writing style to be possible with these Assessment. As of yet I have found the idea of context the most usual and practicing image analysis, I am struggling to enjoy the essay writing and did not think it would be as present in BDes. I do have a new appreciation for a paper like this as I see it being usual in the future… hopefully.


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