Task 3F –

I believe the issue relating to my question (2) is about war itself and how the borders of countries have been fought over for many years from mainly greed. I believe this idea develops even further when you contextualize it with how maps had enabled Kings and Commanders into being able to fight wars from long distances. I believe this becomes a problem as it creates an invulnerability feeling to now presidents etc to start wars over greed and such resulting in many lives lost. I believe war itself is a primitive form of resolutions to our problems, and mainly results in destruction.

It also brings up the idea of countries and land ownership; I believe for the human race to excel and help resolve our more crucial problems such as climate change, we need to be able to stop categorizing ourselves as countries and be unified, it would solve problems of war. As Bertrand Russell said:

“War does not determine who is right, only who is left.”



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