Task 3E

  1. Orwell’s Ghost Laughing

The first text I found relevant speaks of the lies of politics, specifically President Obama, and John Kirby who is the State Department spokes person. There constant lies and bullshit to cover themselves turns into them going deeper into their holes and it ends up collapsing on themselves. The article focuses on the troops going into Syria, lying that were no troops, even when there was proof, to saying that there were 150 troops and once again lying as we find out there were even more. This vicious cycle relates to Mirzoeff’s point about how Generals and Kings were able to command armies from the comfort of home, and lie about the truth.

Orwell’s Ghost is Laughing

2. Iran-Iraq War

This article focuses on the war between Iraq and Iran during the 1970s-1980s. The article is not opinionated but factual, and explains the war. It says how the war itself was over land, started by the Iraqis who wanted a part of Iran called Khūzestān, which had a large amount of oil reserves. It is said that the total death count from this war is estimated to be between 1 million and 2 million. This relates to Mirzoeff’s discussion about maps and the boarders within them shaped by war and therefore death because of greed.



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