Visual Texts – The World of War


Bombing in Italy.1944. US Government.

This visual texts, shows a birds eye view of a war zone in World War II in Italy. Used by US  as a form of mapping, to establish territory owned, and to understand what is going on in the war zones for the Men at the end of the leash. The smoke clouds show signs of explosions and therefore indicate the image in a war zone. I believe the contrast of the farmland clearly sectioned and owned by people, and the smoke from explosions creates a depth through the image, making the viewer understand the destruction of war.



The visual text above shows the contradiction of war through the quote “We kill people who kill people, because killing people is wrong.”  


This image relates to the chapter ‘World of War,’ through his mentioning of the African conflicts of territory has lasted life times in Africa and still go on today. Therefore the land itself has been constantly changing ownership through politics and wars. Peoples being stuck between the once again repetitive hunger for power.


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