What kind of thinker, planner and writer are you?

What do you think might be the advantages and disadvantages of these different ways of organizing writing? 

Because writing comes in many forms and no one person thinks and writes in the same way. Each style or way of writing may produce different disadvantages, for example a “Diver writer” may be disadvantaged because they change their mind as their writing and therefore the essay can be contradictory.An advantage however could be that they produce an essay faster as the do not plan and therefore plow through.

Which way of planning is most like your own approach? 

In a way I relate most to “The grand plan writer” as I will first attain all my ideas in my head instead of heading writing into planning the essay or writing. I will make sure and prefer to have a clear idea in my head what I want before I start my essays.

How do you think your way may be different from any of these?

I would say my writing differs from these styles in that I tend to spend time thinking about it instead of researching, to understand what I need to do.

To plan my essay I usually or prefer to take a few days thinking about the idea, discussing with other people, so that I know what I am doing before I tackle the essay. This therefore means I do not need to mind map or brainstorm. When it comes to drafting I will write down my ideas and what paragraph they go in. I prefer to keep my essays tidy, and clear as I feel this helps me maintain my format.



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