What Do people – audiences, viewers, users, come here to?

To buy music related items.

Who was/is the target audience?

People who enjoy music and enjoy listening to it the old way – records.

How do you think its original and/or intended audience might have reacted or responded to it?

They would have been happy to see a good selection of records as well as to escape to the old times.

What does it communicate about Aotearoa/NZ?

That we are people who don’t completely lose ourselves from the past.

Who works here? Who do you see? Who do you not see?

A young uni student with alternative clothing on. There were a few uni students as well as some 65+ people. There weren’t any 30-40 year old’s.

What does it look like?

It is very colourful, reminds of a hippie style theme.

What impressions does it convey? 

shows the love of all music.

Does it have a sound? what do you hear? 

It was playing music, I believe it was a Beatles song.

Does it have a particular smell?

It had an old vintage smell.

What is on display?

Many posters were covering all the walls and obviously all of the records and CD’s.

Does it have particular architectural style?

It had a unique vintage style.

How does it use space?-look at both the interior and exterior.

It was quite cramped as they obviously want to get in as much records in as they can.

What visual languages does it look at closely?

The main visual language was the great use of colour.

How does this space operate?

It operated to have as much records and such on display as possible.

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