Off Cuba street

Lack of information of origin

Almost inactive internet/social media

Prompts and Questions

What Do people – audiences, viewers, users, come here to?

Left bank is more an area if anything therefore, is dependant on the time of the day. Majority of the time is access way through buildings but can be to refuge and/or admire the graffiti art.

Who was/is the target audience?

Personally I believe the age focal would be young teens/ uni students, and a minority of people who enjoy graffiti art.

How do you think its original and/or intended audience might have reacted or responded to it?

So dependant on the individual due to art being something of perspective, but possibly inspiration, calming and understanding to name a few which stand out to me.

What does it communicate about Aotearoa/NZ?

That NZ is a very open place to explore your own creativity, especially in Wellington.

Who works here? Who do you see? Who do you not see?

Left Bank is a public space and therefore no one as such works here however, when i was there the night market was in progress and, their were many cultures expressing the culture and food particularly. There were not many people of the age 65+, but this would not necessarily express truly what people I did not see as it would take multiple visits.

What does it look like?

To me it is built within its surroundings therefore shows a very rustic stature, and creates a mild feeling of chaos, however calm at the same time due to its honesty of what it is trying to be as well as being shallow and pedantic.

What impressions does it convey? 

The encouragement from the public to express yourself creatively, without being discriminated on by the those who deem arts useless.

Does it have a sound? what do you hear? 

At the time I went, I heard the cooking of food and many foreign languages, as well as  the sound of the city.

Does it have a particular smell?

It did have a great ambient smell of food

What is on display?

Their were many pop up markets, shops and a huge display of graffiti art.

Does it have particular architectural style?

Not particularly due the fact that its mainly the use of a space, created by a gap of the buildings, at least not a deliberate style of architect.

How does it use space?-look at both the interior and exterior.

It being created because of there being a gap in buildings, it has to use the space provided, therefore being quite packed.

What visual languages does it look at closely?

Primarily Graffiti art but gives non deliberate rustic art style due to the dirtiness from the amount of use the space gets.

How does this space operate?

It operates to its condensed surroundings, once again pointing out it was given space it was not built.

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