Sheilagh Walker – Note to my self – writing from the gut

I believe the author had become caustrophobic in his own comfort, she came to the realization that the way she lives his life is wrong, and feels that she has deserted his heritage  of Maori. She comes off as though pakeha have guided her wrongfully and she has woken up to realise the wrong that she has led. She feels his people are voiceless and are be discriminated by pakeha, she feels the calling to help her people and speak out. However she is full of negativity and is being conflicted with what she truly believes and because of this she is becoming torn.

The author sounds as though she is calling out to the reader for a help, she is almost questioning her sanity and therefore needs help, is he right to believe in what she does? Her tone is negative and unsure of her self, almost coming off as questions. She uses a lot of I pronouns, as he questions her self or talks about other people questioning her. She shows opinion on how her people are treated lack voice, and speaks with personal views, which is partly way she doesn’t feel entirely confident with what she is saying. I feel that she is calling for help to get people to say whether she is in the right and therefore can act with confidence instead of having this conflict. I believe was a fairly straight forward text to understand. My lack of Maori language was probably the only struggle I had with this style of writing, therefore did not understand some information given, however I did not feel that this diminished my understand of the text.


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