The Blue Marble

The first topic that Mirzoeff discusses, the blue marble photo put the idea of being able to see the world in one picture into true perspective, the ability to see where all the humans, animals and history in one picture fathoms me. It enlightened me to this idea, showing me that not only how much the world has changed, but the need admiration required to embrace the beauty of our planet.

The Changing World

Mirzoeff expresses deeply that our world is changing, and is doing so faster than ever. “As early as 1930, an estimated one billion photographs were being taken every year worldwide. Fifty years later, it was about 25 billion… by 2012 380 billion… one trillion were taken in 2014.” (Nicholas Mirzoeff. How to see the World. Pelican, 2015 pg 6). The increase in photos taken has increased drastically, it stuns me that photos taken double in just 2 years.

The Population

The amount of young people in today’s world fathoms me once again, the fact that the minority are adults goes to show the increasing population.


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