About me

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Born in London, England I came to New Zealand when I was but 4 years old, naive to the fact that I would one day consider this far away place with the Long white cloud home, let alone be ever so thankful that I did not grow up in England. Even though England will always have a special place in my heart, to contrast England and New Zealand is to do the same with chalk and cheese. My family originally started with one brother, a mother and a father; a divorce came into place, which in a nut shell resulted in a step mother, step father and three step brothers and I am proud to call them so, while maintaining a strong relationship with my real parents and brother. To say I hold family closely is a understatement. I have always been a sport participant, particularly football and athletics. I have a huge love of animals and consider not only last year doing veterinary or a double major in Marine biology and environmental science. However was out competed by my most recent passion, art; creativity and specifically design. An interest turned into a subject a subject into a passion and hopefully a passion into a career.


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