Mirzoeff – pronouncing the ideas of critical thinking and looking at the world differently.

Naming – Labeling something/someone specifically to identify them or it from others.

Describing – To apply an adjective to noun to create a better understanding of something.

Contextualizing – Learning more about a subject matter.

Analysing – Looking at something specifically in depth to learn more from subject.

Context – The background of a subject, everything that relates to subject.

Idealogy РAn idealogy is to me, a way of living in the moral way which you deme important, it can be as vague as how you write an essay or as broad as how you live your life. It is shaped by what you deem important in your,  how you life has shaped you. Resulting in a idealogy whether good or bad.


Reading Analysis – Thinking, Researching and Writing for Success


They emphasise that critical thinking is meaning that you should think for yourself, as opposed to reading a book a reiterate what a book has told you word for word. To think about what you are looking at, is it fact or opinion? what is the context of the matter? etc. I now understand the idea that critical thinking can become better and better by the exposure to more context, helps create a greater analysis etc all of which ties into having a better understanding.


The Authors are using a persuasive narrative as they try convince us the reader, that we should expose ourselves to the ideas of critical thinking and broaden our horizons. They use the pronouns of you, mainly as they direct the attention completely to the reader as they try to persuade them of their point. They position themselves on your side as they speak personally to you directly. I personally find that their style of narrative speaks to you very directly and makes you feel of significance, and therefore feel as though you are capable of doing what they are asking you to do. They have a simplistic style of writing which I enjoyed reading. They direct speaking and simplistic style of writing as well as the ideas behind it created a enjoyable read.

The Word ‘Context’

Looking and thinking critically about a visual text cannot be truly perceived properly without looking at the context behind the image itself. It reminds me of the quote –

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

To Kill A Mockingbird. Harper Lee 1960

This relates in the terms that you can never really understand a visual text fully until you look at the context of it,  because without doing so you lack the ability to understand what the artist is trying to completely convey.

Image Analysis

The image, I believe can be perceived in two ways; It can seen as the two birds are doing a ceremonial love dance, or possibly to show two birds fighting that shares the idea of hierachies. The artist is unknown, possibly under the name of Locas from Chile. It was created in 2011 also. The colours are quite vibrant and create depth into the birds themselves. The yellow highlight of the birds I believe expresses the birds to be of significance and possibly mean something to the artist.

Image –

Bayly Hunt 11/03/2016

Left Bank, Cuba Street Wellington